Don’t Leave the Little Ones at Home

There’s strength in numbers, and only through CROA are outfitters statewide able to effectively address common challenges, exchange best practices and flex their collective muscle. Since 1979, CROA has served as the voice of Colorado rafting, providing leadership on such critical issues as river health and access, licensing and permitting, guide training and customer safety. CROA membership also provides members with a powerful economy of scale – allowing all members to benefit from cost-effective legal and public relations services and from a “buddy system” that ensures outfitter-to-outfitter support in a variety of crisis situations. See our Membership Benefits for more reasons to become a CROA member.

All CROA members are licensed within the state of Colorado. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and strive to lead the industry through proactive involvement in the realms of safety, resource management, and through cooperation with governmental officials, with the public, and with other outfitters. If you are interested in becoming a CROA member visit our online, membership application or if you have further questions, please contact CROA today!

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