Colorado Rivers

Colorado is perhaps best known for its outstanding skiing, but when the spring sun melts the snow that covers our slopes, we become a rafting playground!

Over a season that can stretch from April to October, CROA Outfitters collectively raft nearly 30 distinct stretches of river across eight major basins. This means that no matter what part of Colorado you live in or are visiting, you are within an easy drive of a rafting adventure. It also means that at any time during the season, there are thrilling whitewater trips for the adrenaline junkies, mellow paddle trips for families and beginners and a wealth of rafting opportunities for everyone in between.

Of course, it also means that selecting from among the dozens and dozens of options available can be tough. Take a moment to read a little bit more about the various rivers in Colorado and to gather information critical for making your rafting vacation a great one – then contact an outfitter for more detailed information on specific trip offerings.